Here U Are
Chapter 78 : Here U Are chapter 78
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Receptioning the newcomers is a task for YuYang, and he ends up helping the unsociable and towering LiHuan, the kind of person that does everything to be disliked. But after better knowing each other, he discovers that the giant isn't that bad of a person at all ...
The Gamer
Chapter 272 : The Gamer chapter 272
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Han Jee-Han, a normal high school student, suddenly develops a special power where his entire world is shifted into a game-like setting. He can see the power levels of people, look at the stats of a seemingly normal item, get abilities, and even level up! Follow Han Jee-Han as he discovers how to...
Karate Shoukoushi Monogatari
Chapter 63 : Karate Shoukoushi Monogatari chapter 63
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Takeru and Meo, two best friends both troubled by tragedies in their pasts, have been sweeping local junior karate tournaments as high school freshmen. But now, they set their sights on a national karate tournament. Unfortunately, the funding required to achieve their goal can only be secured if...
Chapter 138 : Apotheosis chapter 138
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Apotheosis - elevation to the status of a god. Luo Zheng, now a humble slave was born as the eldest son of a wealthy family. Due to his family's decline, the kidnapping of his sister by a powerful force, he can now only be stepped upon by others. However, heaven never seals off all exits. An...
With God
Chapter 37 : With God chapter 37
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With God is a comic omnibus that consists of three different stories. The first story is about the underworld. The second story is about the living world. The third story is about the gods. A satire about the world and the fate of gods and men are seen through Korea's traditional gods and several...
Kemono-Human School
Chapter 33 : Kemono-Human School chapter 33
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Little stories about a world where humans, beastmen and half-beast live together. This manga follows the everyday life of a diverse cast of middle schoolers, mostly from the basketball and volleyball club, as they learn about each other's differences.
Ase to Sekken
Chapter 8 : Ase to Sekken chapter 8
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Yaeshima Maasako is an office lady who has a complex about her excessive sweating and works at Lilia Drop, a company that manufactures makeup and bath products that are tremendously popular with women. While sparing no expenses with deodorant in her daily routine, one day Natori Koutarou of the...
Rakujitsu no Pathos
Chapter 46 : Rakujitsu no Pathos chapter 46
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What happens when next door to Fujiwara, an upcoming mangaka, moves Yuuki, who was his teacher back at high-school and first crush? Yuuki, a married woman now is starting a new life in the city but her husband is always away on business so she finds comfort in the company of her former student but...
Social Anxiety Vs Yuri
Chapter 25 : Social Anxiety Vs Yuri chapter 25
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Cute 4-koma collection of one socially anxious girl being surrounded by attractive women hitting on her!
Chapter 114 : Again!! chapter 114
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From first chapter: The main character is a student attending his high-school graduation. Due to his appearance and personality, he didn't make a single friend during his three years of high school. As he remembers his days in the school, he wonders what his life would have been like if he had...
Kanojo, Okarishimasu
Chapter 88 : Kanojo, Okarishimasu chapter 88
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Kinoshita Kazuya dumped for another guy, he hires Mizuhara Chizuru from an app called Diamond to be his girlfriend to make himself feel better.
Ganbare! Memeko-chan
Chapter 36 : Ganbare! Memeko-chan chapter 36
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Ganbare! Memeko-chan summary is updating. Come visit sometime to read the latest chapter of Ganbare! Memeko-chan. If you have any question about this manga, Please don't hesitate to contact us or translate team. Hope you enjoy it.
Ookami-heika no Hanayome
Chapter 74 : Ookami-heika no Hanayome chapter 74
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From StarryHeaven: Yuurin, the daughter of a low ranking government officer, came to the royal palace after hearing of a job with higher wages. However, that job is to act as the bride of Haku Reishou, who is feared as being the ruthless and heartless "His Majesty, the Wolf". In the royal palace...
Chapter 247 : Usogui chapter 247
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There are gamblers out there who even bet their lives as ante. But to secure the integrity of these life-threatening gambles, a violent and powerful organization by the name of “Kagerou” referees these games as a neutral party. Follow Bak Madarame a.k.a. Usogui (The Lie Eater) as he gambles against...
Tang Yin Zai Yi Jie
Chapter 227 : Tang Yin Zai Yi Jie chapter 227
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His body has different abilities, but he has not found any way to use them in the real world, all he can do is to be a professional killer. But at least after going to a different world, where there is only fighting or death in the battlefield its strength will appear differently. His name is Tang...
Moonlight Sculptor 4-koma
Chapter 140 : Moonlight Sculptor 4-koma chapter 140
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A comedic 4-panel manwha adaptation of the Moonlight Sculptor webtoon, which is based on the popular light novel by Nam Hee-sung.
Nagasarete Airantou
Chapter 165 : Nagasarete Airantou chapter 165
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The summary from AT-Translations: Ikuto Touhohin just had a last fight with his old man, one that led him to make a rash decision to run away from home. He boards a ship, deciding to take a vacation, but the ship is suddenly hit by a huge storm--one that sends Ikuto overboard! When he regains...
The Heaven's List
Chapter 22.5 : The Heaven's List chapter 22.5
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Set in the "The Great Ruler" world in the distant future. We follow the journey of a young cultivator aspiring to join the "spiritual road".
We Want to Talk About Kaguya
Chapter 36 : We Want to Talk About Kaguya chapter 36
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In this 4-koma spinoff of Kaguya Wants to be Confessed to, the members of Shuchiin's Mass Media Club, Erika Kose and Karen Kino, idolize Student Council Vice President Kaguya Shinomiya. This is the comedic tale of two delusional girls who have absolutely no idea what goes on in the Student Council...
Level 1 with S-rank Drop Rate is the Strongest
Chapter 7 : Level 1 with S-rank Drop Rate is the Strongest chapter 7
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Satou Ryouta who died from overworking at a black company was reincarnated to another world. Although Ryouta was alive, he is now burdened with the inconvenience that his level is fixed to 1 in this new world. Although he wasn’t able to raise his level, he had a unique skill that can create a...
The Rising of the Shield Hero
Chapter 54 : The Rising of the Shield Hero chapter 54
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Naofumi Iwatani, an uncharismatic Otaku who spends his days on games and manga, suddenly finds himself summoned to a parallel universe! He discovers he is one of four heroes equipped with legendary weapons and tasked with saving the world from its prophesied destruction. As the Shield Hero, the...
Martial Art Successor
Chapter 27 : Martial Art Successor chapter 27
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Everyone has dream of being a martial hero when they were small, flying through the skies, travelling thousand li, travel through the continent using a flying sword , breaching defense by sky walk , channeling inner qi, a body immune to thousand poison, Is that a mirth of the legend, or there is...