Kamisama no Iutoori
Chapter : Kamisama no Iutoori chapter 1
View : 507,231
From Dragon Voice Project: Ayumi is a 16-year-old who has a crush on her classmate, Musashi. One day, the God of Death appears before her, and announces that she has only one month left to live. There's no stopping the hourglass of fate! Life is short, girl, so love with all your might!
Hero Waltz
Chapter : Hero Waltz chapter 51
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Go Sung-tae is the target of the bullies in his school... voluntarily. He is a part of a secret experiment by the government that aims to produce "Heroes" in hope of rivalling the other countries. Not wanting to get involved, he steers away from the prying eyes of the government by keeping a...
Pumpkin Night
Chapter : Pumpkin Night chapter 14
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A deformed female human go out with a pumpkin on her head to kill all who bullied her in the past.
Count Cain
Chapter : Count Cain chapter 5.6
View : 839,899
From Viz: Delve into the tortured past of Earl Cain C. Hargreaves, charismatic heir to a wealthy family full of secrets, lies and unthinkable crimes. The prequel to the Godchild series, The Cain Saga follows the young Cain as he attempts to unravel the secrets of his birth, all the while solving...
Shingeki no Kyojin
Chapter : Shingeki no Kyojin chapter 102
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Several hundred years ago, humans were nearly exterminated by titans. Titans are typically several stories tall, seem to have no intelligence, devour human beings and, worst of all, seem to do it for the pleasure rather than as a food source. A small percentage of humanity survived by walling...
Deadman Wonderland
Chapter : Deadman Wonderland chapter 1
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Ganta Igarashi has been convicted of a crime that he hasn't committed, and sent to a new, privately owned and operated prison, where the inmates are the main attraction in a modern day twist to the gladiatorial coliseums of ancient times. Throw in a healthy dose of weird little girl, some new-found...
Song of the Cloud
Chapter : Song of the Cloud chapter 56
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These people have been living unhappy lives because they've never been able to do what they want. Ga Yeon's smart, but wants to become a singer. However, the Korean educational system strongly enforces studying to students without considering the goals and dreams of the student. She's been forced...
The Portal of Wonderland
Chapter : The Portal of Wonderland chapter 26
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A wonder falling down from heaven! A boy possessed by strange blood! Gods tremble! Demons flee! A boy from the land of Dong Zhou. A pink skull as his sworn friend until death. A story of a determined warrior struggling for power. A legend that shakes the galaxy and disturbs the worlds of god, demon...
Souai Metaphysica
Chapter : Souai Metaphysica chapter 2
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A collection of four short stories: • Inoribana A puppy makes a bargain with a demon to become human so she can thank her savior. • Souai Metaphysica (Mutual Love Metaphysica) Two people divided by social class meet in the same place once a year for a secret rendezvous. • Shirohana...
Arcana (Anthology)
Chapter : Arcana (Anthology) chapter 16.16
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The anthology features works by mangaka from "Ward" and "Comic Zero-Sum". A new volume is released every four months. VOLUME 1: SHITSUJI (BUTLER) 1. Spider's Nest ~ Minekura Kazuya 2. Nice to Meet You, Young Lady ~ Kouga Yun 3. Holly Green and White Little Garden ~ Takayama Shinobu 4. The...
King's Maker
Chapter : King's Maker chapter 7
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Wolfgang Goldenleonard, the 4th Prince of the kingdom, returns to the palace after years of living in hiding. He rejects everything about his new royal life, but is intrigued by the mysterious and dutiful Shin Soohyuk, a catamite of the King. As Wolfgang slowly opens up and learns the ways of the...
Boku no Negai ga Kanau nara
Chapter : Boku no Negai ga Kanau nara chapter 4
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From Chibi Manga: Meeting again your first love who moved school without a word…?
Tokyo Ghoul
Chapter : Tokyo Ghoul chapter 1
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Strange murders are happening in Tokyo. Due to liquid evidence at the scene, the police conclude the attacks are the results of 'eater' type ghouls. College buddies Kaneki and Hide come up with the idea that ghouls are imitating humans so that's why they haven't ever seen one. Little did they know...
Long Riders!
Chapter : Long Riders! chapter 11.5
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The manga follows Ami Kurata, a first year college student with no special qualities. One day she happens to notice someone riding a folding bike, immediately falls in love with it, and uses all her savings to buy one. She eventually gets introduced to the world of long-distance bicycling and road...
Chapter : U12 chapter 1
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12 girls are imprisoned in a mysterious prison. Fighting their way through this unjust and abnormal conditiions, these girls have begun a life and death struggle. A harrowing little girl prison escape.
Chapter : Tomie chapter 1
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Tomie was serialized in Gekkan Halloween, a shoujo horror manga magazine (The magazine is now defunct). Plot overview: Every male who encounters Tomie becomes obsessed with her and eventually kills and dismembers her. But Tomie is not human, and is always reborn... Note: There is a third...
Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso
Chapter : Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso chapter 1
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From Easy Going Scans: Piano prodigy Arima Kosei dominated the competition and all child musicians knew his name. But after his mother, who was also his instructor, passed away, he had a mental breakdown while performing at a recital that resulted in him no longer being able to hear the sound of...
Let's Fight Ghost
Chapter : Let's Fight Ghost chapter 67
View : 42,631
A boy named Park BongPal has psychic abilities to see, talk, and get this TOUCH ghosts.
Alfheim no Kishi
Chapter : Alfheim no Kishi chapter 55
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From Friendship Scans Princess Rosely’s fate was sealed when she first picked up a sword trying to kill an evil wizard. Little did she know the legendary Lucilys, Sword of Light, had chosen her to be its heiress. That also meant her peaceful life in the castle of Altodias would no longer be the...
Jinroh Game
Chapter : Jinroh Game chapter 14
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One night, senior high school second-year Nishina Airi is abducted. When she wakes, she is trapped in an uncanny, isolated space with other students from her high school and forced to take part in the “Werewolf Game”. Thus, a death game filled with fear and terror that would pit “Werewolves” and...
Tenshi no Hitsugi
Chapter : Tenshi no Hitsugi chapter 1.1
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This story set in Europe 1889, is about a young girl named Marie Alexandrin who is a normal, innocent blond with an immense crush on the good looking Crown Prince Rudolf. On a trip to the library with her mother, she manages to accidentally liberate a handsome young magenta haired demon by the name...
Higanbana no Saku Yoru ni
Chapter : Higanbana no Saku Yoru ni chapter 0
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Marie is trapped in a horrible situation. She's being constantly tormented by her classmates and regularly molested by her teacher. With nowhere else to turn, she finds herself asking for supernatural help from one of the seven demons of the seven mysteries of her school. All she desires is the...
Tantei no Tantei
Chapter : Tantei no Tantei chapter 9
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The story centers on Minemori Kotoha, a woman who has been offered work at Suma Research Company "Anti-Detective Section," and Sasaki Rena, its only investigator. This section focuses on rooting out corrupt detectives and removing them from their positions. While the two women spend their days...