What Does The Fox Say?
Chapter : Completetion Epilogue
View : 10,039
Sumin manages a group of game developers at Hello studio. This a story about her romantic affairs. Original Korean Webtoon Official English Translation
Tamen De Gushi
Chapter : Tamen De Gushi chapter 171
View : 84,783
The funny romantic story of how Qiu Tong and Sun Jing met and fell in love. Also contains insert art of the characters by the mangaka.
Love Plus
Chapter : Love Plus chapter 4
View : 132,799
This was released during Comiket 78. And apparently, there were artbooks released too for the main characters.
Hana to Shinobi
Chapter : Hana to Shinobi chapter 15
View : 757,240
Kasugami Benio is the sheltered daughter of the richest family in Japan. According to her family tradition, the first man she kisses will be the one she marries. Now that she’s old enough to gain some freedom, Kageshita Tamaki, a handsome playboy is assigned to be her bodyguard… Master x Servant...
She Gets Girls Everyday.
Chapter : She Gets Girls Everyday. chapter 6.1
View : 62,963
She Gets Girls Everyday. summary is updating. Come visit Mangakakalot.com sometime to read the latest chapter of She Gets Girls Everyday.. If you have any question about this manga, Please don't hesitate to contact us or translate team. Hope you enjoy it.
Lily Love
Chapter : Lily Love chapter 1
View : 370,850
The red thread of fate has unexpected results. Though Donut had never fallen in love before, she never had foreseen falling in love with and dating another woman. Web Publication http://www.ookbeecomics.com/manga-and-comics/Lily-Love/detail-page/93
Yagate Kimi ni Naru
Chapter : Yagate Kimi ni Naru chapter 33
View : 589,428
Yuu has just begun her first year in high school but has still not yet responded to a middle school graduation confession by a boy who she has always liked, but who's confession did not excite her. Yuu loves shoujo manga and she knew how confessions were supposed to feel, but she didn't feel it and...
Oddman 11
Chapter : Oddman 11 chapter 30
View : 878,671
An after school club originally founded on the obsession of Fish Cakes, containing girl members with odd kinky traits and a male member who has trouble maintaining a relationship longer than a month.
Trans Venus
Chapter : Trans Venus chapter 1
View : 252,124
This is the story of a boy who one day walks into some strange wood and is saved by a nymphomaniac goddess who can not only take over his body (turning it into hers in the process) but can also transform him into a girl.
The Love Doctor
Chapter : The Love Doctor chapter 88
View : 275,016
From Lezhin: Jung Erae has no clue about relationships and men to the point where she drives every man away. Desperate, she seeks help and ends up contacting a love doctor, Cha Yoon. Strangely enough, Erae starts developing newfound feelings for this so-called doctor. Original Webcomic Official...
Kurogane Pukapuka Tai
Chapter : Kurogane Pukapuka Tai chapter 44
View : 20,036
The story is about the Unebi, a Japanese commerce raider patrolling the Indian Ocean early in World War II, and its (nearly) all-female crew. Commander Kuki leads the ship with authority and skill. Everyone looks up to her, none moreso than beautiful Executive Officer Mamiya who has constant...
Chapter : Graphite chapter 0
View : 791,264
GRAPHITE is a solid One-Shot Yuri telling the story of two classmates, Azusa and her class-rep, who coincidentally discover each other's love for S&M and begin to tease each other.
Yuru Yuri
Chapter : Yuru Yuri chapter 128.8
View : 434,927
The club room of the defunct Tea Ceremony Club has been taken over by a 4-person group calling themselves "The Amusement Club". A full-bodied comedy, overflowing with love, it's guaranteed to give you the energy to live healthily and heartily for tomorrow. *Contains the story Hearts Melting...
Chapter : Hen chapter 1
View : 291,083
Chizuru Yoshida is not your typical high schooler and she's all too aware of it! She has a talent with getting what she wants from her male lovers and often comes across as cold and manipulative... In truth, despite her experiences with guys, she has never been in love. That's until the fateful...
Gyaru Yuri
Chapter : Gyaru Yuri chapter 58
View : 543,251
Original Webtoon http://www.comico.jp/articleList.nhn?titleNo=18659
Chapter : Nicochuu chapter 1
View : 361,050
In addition to "Love/Death", about a couple who clash over the limits of their feelings, Kuzushiro's latest volume also includes “Nicochuu”—the story of a delinquent with straight A’s and her admired sempai with a good bit of bark but only gentle bites.
Candy (SUZUKI Yufuko)
Chapter : Candy (SUZUKI Yufuko) chapter 1
View : 896,616
From Dan of Population GO: "This charming story follows Kanon Miyamoto who, ignorant of her popularity, is confessed to by Bessho Chiaki, the school's most intelligent and beautiful girl. Their relationship is explored by this oneshot."
Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon
Chapter : Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon chapter 72
View : 759,624
Kobayashi who live in apartment, got Toru pushed on her to live together. Toru thinks of mankind as low and foolish, but in the past she have a debt for Kobayashi saving her. For that even today Toru is doing everything in her power to try her best and help Kobayashi with various things. An...
The Chain of Youth
Chapter : The Chain of Youth chapter 30
View : 150,763
Jia is an average girl who, along with the majority of her classmates, has fallen head over heels for Yoona, a girl so pretty she's practically the school's idol. They're on two totally different levels, but Jia can ignore her feelings no longer! But who is Yoona, really? Stay tuned to see what...
Henai Girl
Chapter : Henai Girl chapter 68
View : 149,219
Super rich ojousama, Aiu Eiko is passionately in love with her classmate, Nagi Nagisa. The daily life of a little (?) weird high school girl.
A Drop of Ocean
Chapter : A Drop of Ocean chapter 10
View : 878,767
From Lililicious: "A Drop of Ocean," by Takahashi Mako, is a short summer story about two friends.