Magical Travel Boy
Chapter : Magical Travel Boy chapter 1
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A collection of four stories. 1. Magical Travel Boy, Magical Trick Boy, Magical Powerful Boy (chapters 1-3): an alien boy with magical powers becomes lost while on a school excursion to planet Earth. A local street magician takes him in, but he has a dangerous secret of his own. 2. Love...
Catboy Catday
Chapter : Catboy Catday chapter 51
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Web Comic One day, I woke up to find that my cat has become a human! A new day with cat boy.
Chapter : Hanamuko-san chapter 1
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Sequel of "Hanayome-kun ch05" 1) Next morning Kouichirou told his feeling to Ritsu. Ritsu is very scared of him but Kouichirou asks Ritsu to stay with a Fusuma between them 2) Kouichirou's classmate girl comes to their house for a student committer work. Ritsu sees Kouichirou laughing with...
Tenshi wo Otose
Chapter : Tenshi wo Otose chapter 1
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A series of school boys' love. 1)The Fallen Angel- Tamaki Ouga always breaks curfew, and always get caught by dorm leader and student council president Mitsumoto Hizuru. Tired of being punished, Tamaki is determined to charm Mitsumoto, but finds himself drawn in by the strict and enigmatic...