Brawling Go
Chapter : Brawling Go chapter 127
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Read Brawling Go Manga Online Sized hero is trying so-called impotent . But I am given the opportunity of a life reversed the accident triggered the sinking ... but not this time ?! Do not even worry ... ... hell even worry eojjeorago ! The main character Jae-Jin in Brawling Go Manga has problems...
Love Plus
Chapter : Love Plus chapter 4
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This was released during Comiket 78. And apparently, there were artbooks released too for the main characters.
Hana to Shinobi
Chapter : Hana to Shinobi chapter 15
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Kasugami Benio is the sheltered daughter of the richest family in Japan. According to her family tradition, the first man she kisses will be the one she marries. Now that she’s old enough to gain some freedom, Kageshita Tamaki, a handsome playboy is assigned to be her bodyguard… Master x Servant...
She Gets Girls Everyday.
Chapter : She Gets Girls Everyday. chapter 6.1
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She Gets Girls Everyday. summary is updating. Come visit sometime to read the latest chapter of She Gets Girls Everyday.. If you have any question about this manga, Please don't hesitate to contact us or translate team. Hope you enjoy it.
The Cat Immortal
Chapter : The Cat Immortal chapter 10
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I was originally the son of the shrine official for the Year of the Tiger in the Immortal Realm. Since I underwent tribulations, I had to come down to the Mortal Realm to search for the one who can help me get through the immortal tribulations to advance in rank as an immortal. Who knew that my...
Classmate Relationship?
Chapter : Classmate Relationship? chapter 6
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By chance, Fang Tang came across Ah Shu, someone he noticed long ago. The two became classmates and intimate friends. A pure love school life manhua with a refreshing art style.
Jogswae - Du Nammae Iyagi
Chapter : Jogswae - Du Nammae Iyagi chapter 3
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Jun-Hyun and Na-Hyun are a brother-sister duo with an almost obsessive devotion to each other. Is it simply a case of forbidden love between siblings? Or is something more sinister at play?
Miss Angel and Miss Devil
Chapter : Miss Angel and Miss Devil chapter 105
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The story of angels who don't behave like angels and devils who are kinder than them. A new romance begins!
Ryle and Louis
Chapter : Ryle and Louis chapter 5
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A rootless wanderer meets the prince of a certain country. This meeting just might be a ray of light in the darkness for the war that's tearing the land apart.
Atelier Rorona and Totori Artbook
Chapter : Atelier Rorona and Totori Artbook chapter 1.5
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Note: another version of the Atelier artbook called "Atelier Series: Official Chronicle" has been released by Udon Entertainment. ISBN 13: 978-1926778204Now, that version features over 100++ more pages of content than this and of course, any interviews, commentaries, game-specific details, etc.,...
Memory Lost
Chapter : Memory Lost chapter 7
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Once a proud woman, but because of a chain of major events, was taken away by the killer group and lost her memory from then on. In order to find her, he traveled through mountains of water and from the player he once was, he became a cold and quiet police officer. Fate had allowed them to meet...
Cannabis Works
Chapter : Cannabis Works chapter 1.5
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It's also on sale in ISBN-10: 487031567XISBN-13: 978-4870315679ASIN: B003F7NS72
Chang An Demon Song
Chapter : Chang An Demon Song chapter 4
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The story happened at the dawn of the Tang dynasty. Nobody knew the peaceful and prosperous capital Chang An had a really experienced demon fox, Duan Mu Ming De for its biggest brothel's owner. The shounen onmyouji Bai Yu Mu, the best onmyouji among the younger generation of his onmyouji family,...
Chapter : Borderless chapter 16
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Borderless summary is updating. Come visit sometime to read the latest chapter of Borderless. If you have any question about this manga, Please don't hesitate to contact us or translate team. Hope you enjoy it.
Jinx Yeon-in
Chapter : Jinx Yeon-in chapter 15
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The beautiful goddess of fortune hidden by a rich man came into the life of the poor and unlucky guy....
Abduction School
Chapter : Abduction School chapter 4
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People start getting abducted, and find themselves in an abandoned school building with monsters when they wake up. Out of the 13 people abducted, who will be able to make it out alive? What is the exact reason behind these abductions?
Chapter : Loplop chapter 1
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Felix, who likes to watch different people and things on the subway, finally picks up a brush again after two years. Felix's roommate Harry is an eccentric yet brilliant person. The simple Felix and his roommate interactions are bizarre, and Felix has no idea that his roommate is watching his every...
DOLO's Destiny Pill
Chapter : DOLO's Destiny Pill chapter 5
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She isn't beautiful and isn't smart, is this why she is at the bottom of society? If there was something that allowed you to reverse fate, are you willing to pay something so precious and valuable to change it?
Suicide Boy
Chapter : Suicide Boy chapter 10
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Lee Hoon is a 17 year old shut-in/highschool boy who wants to commit suicide, but can't decide on the method of his death so he wants to test all the various ideas he comes up with. Hooni is current living alone suicidally depressed over the debts left by his run away abusive drunk of a Father and...
Sweet X Trouble
Chapter : Sweet X Trouble chapter 13
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Hmmm... It seems like a funny story!!!
Chapter : Taizi chapter 3
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Formerly esteemed as a prince, Yong Qi got accused of a crime and was used to stage his brother's way to the throne. But what they don?t know is that this brother of his actually has strong feelings for Yong Qi. Will this story turn out to be yet another fight for the throne or will it be romantic...
Miracle App Store
Chapter : Miracle App Store chapter 6
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Were stuck in our mundane lives. Dreaming of the lives we wish we had. But what if all your dreams can be solved with a few clicks. Would you take it?
Naive (Dobeot)
Chapter : Naive (Dobeot) chapter 4
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A couple that has been together for 3 years, but dated even less than 100 days... And, because of the playing-hard-to-get Jaehwa, Dohyung is making a fuss. Dohyung wants to do something about it, because of the naive Jaehwa, he gets really upset. However, the highschooler who lives on the 1st floor...
Wandering Beyond
Chapter : Wandering Beyond chapter 3
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The coming of age story of one’s teenagers journey in an era of war, fighting, and intrigue. As we dwell on the story of his cursed existence and how fate takes cruel turns.